Wesley Snipes' Twitter Is an Oasis of Good In the Desert of Bad Internet

The internet can be a bad and scary place. Yesterday, we were offered a moment of reprieve when many websites went down, struck by a massive DDoS attack. But the internet is back today and everything is flowing just like it always has. An alt-right troll tweets a Nazi Pepe at a Jewish journalist. An asshole from your…

Trump Vows to Sue Women Who Have Accused Him of Sexual Assault

One annoying thing about the American media is that anytime some asshat politician decamps to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to rail about whatever, news outlets rush to call it a “Gettysburg Address.” Why? And just how incapable must the politician be at speaking a single coherent sentence to not merit the comparison to…

Trump Planted a Bitchy Story About Salma Hayek After She Refused to Go Out With Him

If you’ve just arrived from outer space and are curious what’s up with this “Donald Trump” character everyone keeps talking about, here’s a little vignette that exquisitely encapsulates an entire election season’s worth of horror stories in just four short paragraphs. It involves Salma Hayek and the National Enquirer


Anne Hathaway On Her 2013 Oscar Win: 'I Tried to Pretend I Was Happy and Got Called Out Big Time'

Remember when Anne Hathaway walked onstage at the 2013 Oscars to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress (one that everyone knew she was going to win), approached the microphone, showed the audience that 10,000-jigawatt smile of hers, and whimpered, “It came true”? Well, she was lying. Winning an Oscar may have…

Nocturnal Animals Looks Like a Movie About Sexy People With Dirty Secrets and Great Stylists

I don’t know what Nocturnal Animals is about, exactly, but based on this trailer, there’s something about Jake Gyllenhaal being sexy and falling in love, Amy Adams being sexy while keeping a secret, Aaron Taylor-Johnson being sexy and wielding a crowbar, and Michael Shannon being sexy while seeking justice.